Pucuncho Basin, Southern Peru. 4500 masl.

Pucuncho Basin, Southern Peru. 4500 masl.


My name is Walter Beckwith.

I was born and currently reside in the great state of Maine. I am an archaeologist by training, a photographer by interest, and an explorer by heart. 

Since my earliest memories I have been fascinated by the stories of our ancient past and the cultures that make us unique. I believe that the knowledge of our past can greatly enrich the present and advise the future. An overtly creative and inquisitive mind brought me to the realm of the sciences. While the ancient Maya and their political economy formed the core of my graduate work, my research interests are broad.

I am particularly interested in sharing the stories of those who dare to seek new questions in the dimly lit corners of our understanding -- the intersection of science and exploration.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and an Master of Science in Quaternary & Climate Studies from the University of Maine and the Climate Change Institute. I have participated in international research spanning North, Central, and South America. My photography has appeared in archaeology textbooks and international science news outlets. 

I am a memeber of the Phi Kappa Phi National Honors: Chapter 1, the National Association for Science Writers and the Washington D.C. Science Writers Association. 


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